How to fix ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration


When we are firing up Android Virtual Device, Intel HAXM based emulator is one of best choice out there. In some setup, Genymotion performs better (Consider to use this one, it is great although your Android phone is still unbeatable). But if you got no time to setup it, this one is always sitting right there on Android Virtual Device menu. I ran to this kind of dialog message today:

Android Studionya Error! Gambar dari

Error Message I got. Not exacly this one but similar. Image from

I tried to solved it with some tips I found online, and this one on  StackOverflow works best for me:

I happen to have a CPU with the same feature set (E8400). The Android SDK Manager did not actually install HAXM on my machine, just downloaded it. In the top of the Android SDK manager window, you can find where it is located on your PC. Please open the subfolder extras\intel\Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager, and run the installer manually:intelhaxm-android.exe. I got the x86 emulator running after that.

I tried to install intelhaxm-android.exe from this path


and it work flawlessly.

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