SOLVED: Laptop won’t Shutdown After HDD Caddy Installed


I got SSD several weeks ago and also purchased HDD Caddy to let original HDD hooked. The caddy is replacing the DVD drive that I rarely use:


The HDD Caddy

Everything works great. Both drives detected. The laptop is working as usual. I’m quite happy with the setup. Then I notice that shutdown process is not going smoothly. The screen stucks at “Shuting down..” for eternity. After several minutes, the screen gone black, and my laptop is still operating. The fan is still spinning, the power indicator is still on. I instantly Googling it out. I came across these forum post that suggest me to disasemble the caddy and alter the PCB. Not a good idea.

The screen stucks at “Shuting down..” for eternity. After several minutes, the screen gone black, and it is still operating..

There are bunch of discussion at the tread and it solved the poster problem. The tread came from 2012. I believe there is a  better solution for this. I came back to Google and punching keywords like “hdd caddy unable to shutdown asus n46vj”, “hdd caddy unable to shutdown” and et cetera.


The Switch

Eventually I discovered a post from spideyro at He suggested to check caddy small switch. It shoud be beside the SATA port. I tried to check it and I found it. I don’t remember exactly how I switched it, but I was just switch it over and then tried it out again. The laptop shutdown flawlessly.

What a small switch that saves the day.

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